Your Extra Hand in the Kitchen

A fresh innovative kitchen product. It’s a free standing device that suction-cup mounts to virtually any surface, with a specifically designed clip for holding resealable type bags, in an upright and fully open position for easy loading. It also serves as a recipe holder when inverted; displaying the recipe you’re working with up high, standing free and clear of the cooking or food prep area. This device stores easily on the interior of a lower cabinet door or under upper cabinets with its unique clip mount. No assembly needed, just remove it, stand it, use it.

It’s a “Must have” item in your kitchen.

“Because I live alone, I used to struggle with bagging up my leftovers, I use baggies not containers to store my food because I have little freezer space. It’s always been difficult to put some things in the baggy without getting it all over. But The Baggy Buddy solves that problem, I don’t know who invented it but I want to thank them for making my life easier.”

-- Emma, Dothan, Ala.                                                                                     Hit Counter

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